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Cardenas Hat Storage & Shipping Box

Cardenas Hat Storage Box



Our custom-made hat box has the build quality to match your Cardenas Hat. By design, these sturdy boxes not only ensure safe, damage-free transit to your front door, it also serves as a great way to store your hat and protect it from excessive heat, dust, moisture, and, yes, even light! Designed with an eye-catching attention to detail.

In stock
Typically ships within 24 hours.

The Details

  • Guaranteed transit protection.
  • Solid build quality.
  • Eye-pleasing, unassuming design.
  • Perfect storage option to protect your Cardenas Hats from dust, dirt, moisture, and light.
  • Will fit all Cardenas Hats sizes.


Shipping Box & Sponge

All U.S. hat orders are shipped in our custom-made hat box, for damage-free delivery and stylish storage, and a complimentary Cardenas Hats sponge! 

Shipping to the United States is FREE!

Canada orders will enjoy hassle-free $12 flat-rate shipping and free hat brush!