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Scout Light Color Felt Hat Cleaner from Cardenas Hats

Scout Felt Hat Cleaner for Light-Colored Hats



Did you get a new Cardenas Hats felt hat? Then be sure to get yourself a can of Scout Felt Hat Cleaner.

This cleaner is for light-colored felt hats and is perfect for getting out water and oil stains.


Always follow instructions on the product.

• Make sure your hat is dry.
• Remove any dirt or dust with a dry brush or cloth. (Use our Cardenas Hats Brim Brush for maximum effectiveness!)
• Shake can then hold up right 6 to 8 inches from surface.
• Wait until powder turns white.
• Remove white powder with a dry brush or vacuum.

In stock
Typically ships within 24 hours.

The Details

  • For Light-Colored Hats
  • Aerosol Spray Can
  • Felt Hat Cleaner
  • Removes Most Oil and Water Based Stains
  • 6 oz


Shipping Box & Sponge

All U.S. hat orders are shipped in our custom-made hat box, for damage-free delivery and stylish storage, and a complimentary Cardenas Hats sponge! 

Shipping to the United States is FREE!

Canada orders will enjoy hassle-free $12 flat-rate shipping and free hat brush!