08/22/2014 Parts of the Cowboy Hat -- A Brief Hat Anatomy

If you’ve spent more than a couple hours online in search of your next hat, one of the things you may notice is a decided lack of continuity with style names. Hat stores will often give a particular hat a name based on a famous actor who frequently wore the hat or a movie that the hat was prominent in. So you’ll often see names like The Gambler or The Godfather or Calgary. But these terms aren’t universal and doesn’t help most folks when shopping online.

We've talked before about picking the right hat. Now we want to give you some common terms — and their definitions — that every hat manufacturer uses to describe their hat. Understanding these terms will make finding your new hat hassle- and worry-free!

Crown — the crown is the portion of a hat at the very top of the head. A crown can sometimes be completely rounded (unpinched), as with “open”-styled hats.

Brim — The overhanging material from the bottom of the hat's crown that runs along the entire circumference of the hat. (This is in contrast to a visor, which would be only along the front of the hat.)

Crease — A crease is a dip or indent along the length of the crown. A cattleman-style cowboy hat, like our Coronado and Tuscon, will have three parallel creases.

Pinch —
The shape of the crease is referred to as a ‘pinch.’ The Monterey, for instance, has what is referred to as a square-pinch. And that's exactly what its crease most resembles. The Santa Cruz and Dingo are considered ‘Pinchfronts’, because the crease pinches in the front. “Diamond-style,” like the Sutton, are so named because the crease pinches in the front and in the back, creating a diamond shape.

Band — This wraps around the base of the crown, where crown meets brim. (Don’t be alarmed if some places call it a “ribbon.”)