02/27/2015 Fedoras on Television

Since its rise to popular heights in the 20s, the fedora hat has been the go-to fashion choice in Hollywood.

Everyone is familiar with Humphrey Bogart's fedora-ed performance from the classic Casablanca. But the reality is, every decade seems to have a signature character (or characters) for whom the fedora is a signature.


And it would seem that the 21st century is no exception!


Shows like AMC's Mad Men routinely feature the swanky fedora hat from multiple characters. Being a show that sits in a period where the fedora was the one hat that ruled them all, this fashion choice makes sense.

But such is not the case for modern-era White Collar on USA Network. A conscious decision by the writers, directors, and/or directors of photography would have had to take place for the main character, a 20-something con-man working for the FBI, to favor the fedora.

And although White Collar has entered its sixth — and final — season, there is no shortage of new shows that heavily feature the fedora. The lead character from ABC's Agent Carter brandishes a colorful fedora.

And the SyFy Channel recently released a trailer to a new mini-series, Expanse, where the lead detective favors a classic-styled fedora.

There are plenty other examples of fedora-related shows. But with the rumors that Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) will be taking on the Indiana Jones role, we're sure fedoras will continue to be the go-to fashion choice for movie and television show writers, directors, and actors alike.

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Do you have a favorite TV/movie character who frequently wore fedoras? Sound off and let us know!