The Sutton Fedora: Where Class Meets Classic

Fedoras by Cardenas

Fedoras have stood the test of time and crossed socio-economic lines. They have been worn by a range of celebrities and politicians: from Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake; Humphrey Bogart to Count Basie. Even fictional characters get in on the act — Indiana Jones, Dick Tracy, to name but a few.

Available in Black, Chocolate, Cocoa, and Olive Green, our Sutton fedoras have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity that defies age boundaries and hops across gender lines. The diamond-style crown and ultra-fine, crushable quality wool felt make this hat both economical and stylish.

At Cardenas, craftsmanship is at the core of all of our fine hats. And nowhere is that more evident than with our Sutton fedora hats.

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