07/18/2014 Picking the Right Cowboy Hat for You

C├írdenas HatsA greenhorn will buy a hat based solely on how it looks in a catalog or on the shelf — a rookie move! Not all good-looking cowboy hats will look good on you. Beyond that, a cowboy hat is as much about function as it is form. And if your hat will serve a purpose other than just fashion, it’s important to put some thought into your purchase.

We have some tips that we think will help you ferret out the perfect hat for you.

Cowboy Hat Shopping: The Five Things to Consider

1. Functionality is the most important part of a cowboy hat. You should never worry about it blowing off during ranch or field work or at a competition. When it’s time pull your hat down and just grit your teeth to make your run, you can.

2. Follow our size chart closely. Your hat should be comfortable. It should lie securely on your head without being too tight, which could restrict blood flow and leave creases on your forehead. (Our breathable sweat bands, found on most of the hats in the Heritage Collection, can help with that last bit.)

You can also follow this video guide from Satya Twena on the subject, which we’ve posted before on our Facebook page.

3. You want your cowboy hat to fit your personality.

4. The basic hat brim width is 4 inches. Some are slightly larger, like our Monterrey and Ranchero hats, which are 4¼ inches. (And yes, ladies, you can wear the larger 4¼-inch hat, but any brim less than 4 inches and you can’t tilt it down low on your head.)

5. Of course, there are trends. You need look no further than Pharrell’s Mountie hat or Madonna’s Quaker-Oats hat at the 2014 Grammys for proof.

However, trends change with the tide, but classics are classics for a reason: they are timeless.

Start with Your Face

A good starting point for picking the right cowboy hat is to go by the shape of your face. A hat can really help add balance.

1. If your face is thin and elongated, a cowboy hat with a crown of medium height would be better suited for you. A crown that is either too tall or too squat will exaggerate the face's narrowness. Start with something from our Monterrey collection, if your face-shape falls into this category. Our Santa Cruz styled hat is also perfect for long, thin faces.

The Dingo - Part of Cárdenas' Heritage Collection2. If you have a compact chin should consider cowboy hats with lower crowns. A crown tapered with a forward tilt at the top also helps deflect attention from a small chin. Hats like those found in our Dingo or Sonora collections would be a great start for those with this face shape.

3. For those with a more oval face, start with a higher crown and at least a medium brim. Hats with too low of a brim (or trim brims) might distort your face's dimensions. We recommend a hat from either our Tucson or our Coronado collection.

These are just tips to help get the most from your hat search. Your mileage may very. And no list of common rules or guidelines will replace the good ol'-fashioned wear-the-hat-while-standing-in-front-of-a-mirror trick. This is why we sport one of the best exchange policies around!

And you're always welcomed to contact us if you are unsure which hat is best suited for you. We’re here to help!