12/30/2014 U.S. Presidents and Their Cowboy Hats: A Pictorial

If you're following us on Facebook and/or Google+ (and really, you should be) then you'll remember when we talked about Napoleon's bicorne hat selling at auction for nearly $2.5million. The bicorne hat is the hat that everyone pictures when they think of Napoleon. But he isn't the only political leader known to sport a hat. In fact, several U.S. presidents have also been well-known cowboy hat wearers. It almost seems like cowboy hats and American presidencies go hand-in-hand!

Our favorite photos of U.S. Presidents wearing cowboy hats. What are some of yours?‚Äč

These are just some of our favorite photos of U.S. presidents wearing cowboy hats. Which do you like the best? Follow us on Facebook and Google+ and let us know!