06/05/2015 Protect Yourself with a Cardenas Hat!

We love the Sun! But we hate sunburns!

And while we already had a pretty tongue-in-cheek blog about staying protecting in the summer sun, it really is a concern for Cardenas Hats. We'll soon be reaching the peak summer time and we'll certainly have many days of picnics, outdoor sporting events, festivals, and countless other ways to expose our skin to hours of harmful UV rays.

This is why prevention is your surest bet for combating that brilliant sun. (And no, we're not talking about not having picnics or going to outdoor events!)

Along with long sleeves, sunscreen, and shade, you should add a wide-brimmed hat to your skin care arsenal.

Skincancer.org has some startling facts:
• skin cancers are diagnosed in two million people annually in the US.
• one in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetimes.
‚Äč• In the last 30 years, more people have had skin cancer than all other types of cancer combined.

This all makes summer actually sound like a drag!

Skincancer.org goes on to say: ". . . a wide brimmed hat (3 inches or more) covers places like the scalp where it is difficult to apply sunscreen, including tops of ears and the back of the neck."

With the exception of our Sutton Fedoras, all Cardenas Hats meet that 3-inch brim requirement!

Like our Tucson cowboy hat, from our Heritage Collection. Clocking in with a 4-inch brim, the Tucson also has a breathable sweat band for added comfort.

Our Australian-inspired Dingo hat has a 3.5-inch brim. But it also has the luxury of four venting holes, two on each side, which allows air to circulate and heat to escape.

Whether you're tending gardens or relaxing at the park, it goes without saying that everyone should employ as many tools for skin protection as they can — including a hat. And Cardenas Hats are practical and fashionable. You can rest easy knowing that you're protecting your skin and looking good doing it!

(And just think how much more comfortable a good night’s rest will be without a sunburn!)

Be sure to visit Cardenas Hats today and find the cowboy hat or fedora that best suits you!