08/12/2015 Cardenas Now Offers Scout Hat Cleaning and Protection Products!

"How can I keep my Cardenas Hat looking fresh as the day I received it?"

That's a question we always get. 

Any owner of a cowboy or fedora hat should always be concerned with continued hat care. Like we said in a previous blog, "Cowboy Hat Cleaning & Care":

For many of us, our cowboy hats are like our friends.
And sometimes a good friend needs good caring for.

Hats should be stored in cool, dry environments, which is why we ship our hats in our Cardenas storage hat box. It not only protects your hat during transit, guaranteeing safe delivery, but protects the hat from dust, moisture, and, yes even harsh light — which can fade color.

You can now purchase extra Cardenas storage hat boxes for $8.

But you can't keep your hat in storage forever — a hat is meant to be worn!

And since proper care greatly increases the life and enjoyment of your felt hat, we're excited to team up with Scout to bring you three products designed specifically for hat care:


‚ÄčScout Felt Hat Cleaner removes most oil- and water-based stains and is easy to use! Dark- and light-colored hats get their own cleaner spray, so be sure to order the correct one!

Scout Felt Hat Cleaner is best if used with our custom-made Cardenas Hat brush, which also comes in two different types, black and blonde, depending on the color of your hat.




Scout Rain & Stain Hat Protector is perfect for preemptive care! Safe & effective for most fabrics & felts, this is hands down the best defense against the elements for your Cardenas Hat!

You can use Scout Rain & Stain Hat Protector periodically to maximize its protective qualities.



Cardenas Hats is committed to ensuring that your high-quality cowboy hat stays high quality!

Keep your hat looking nice and healthy for a long-time to come.

Grab your Cardenas Hat Care products today!