05/29/2015 Protect Yourself: Wearing Hats at Summer Festivals!

It's festival season!

(Or 'festie' as some of the kids call it.)

This of course means summertime music . . . and summertime heat! You definitely want to avoid coming home from a 2- or 3-day festival looking like this poor kid (right).

One of the best lines of defense against the damage that intense summer sun can do is a hat. Every What To Wear list published by everyone from Cosmopolitan to WhoWhatWear lists a hat at the top of their must-have list!

And while you want something that has the function of protection, you also want it to be stylish!

The Dingo hat is the perfect balance of form and function! And with the 2 vent holes on either side, the Dingo also lets heat escape from your head easier!

Our Dingo comes in three colors: black, chocolate, and cocoa.

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